I did the turquoise ☺️

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Kanto Illustrations #074 - 094 - Created by Piper Thibodeau

Piper continues to re-imagine the complete Pokedex, and this is the next installment! As usual, Piper’s take on each Pokemon continues to be really fun and creative, and we just can’t get enough. Make sure you follow along on Tumblr or Twitter for all the latest updates.

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unicorns are notorious for their hatred of posturing bro culture

(I’m debating making this girl available as a sticker and a shirt.)

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( all outfits from that ask!  + bonus swimsuit )

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I have to laugh.

People constantly portray Hades in new age media as this totes evil bad guy, yet Zeus and Poseidon have fathered more monsters and people than he has and have raped women

while Hades is just there in the underworld with the one girl he kidnapped and agreed to let her free in the summer months with no children of his own, probably rolling his eyes and going ‘Guys, can we have a normal family dinner for once? Please?’

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a relationship will not cure your issues, no matter how hard young adult books and films try to push that notion on us. if you have depression or bipolar or anxiety or whatever, getting into a relationship isn’t going to cure that or make it go away. person with illness + relationship = ill person in a relationship. please don’t put all of your focus on finding someone to fix you, focus on fixing yourself the right way.

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Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

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